Advanced Medical Services (AMS) is the leading provider of sports and workplace healthcare services in Ireland and works exclusively with laya healthcare in delivering medical services to corporates and SME’s across Ireland. Laya health & wellness has over 18 years’ experience in providing evidence based Health & Wellness programmes to companies  which are tailored to client needs to increase engagement in their wellbeing.

Our AMS team is medically led by Ireland’s top Cardiology Consultants, General Practitioners & Medical professionals who are dedicated in providing preventative healthcare services to enable our clients to live healthier lives.

We pride ourselves on our state of the art technology which combines first class medical screening and delivery of results which can be easily and securely accessed by our clients. We believe in providing quality medical services that are both affordable and accessible.

Our corporate health screening programmes are designed to screen for pre-existing health problems, give you an overview of your health status and provide recommendations on lifestyle and health that will encourage a longer and healthier life.

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Advanced Medical Services, screening partner to Laya Healthcare

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